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Sky Trail is an action game that’s not for the faint of heart. Here, you’ll have to complete missions full of surprises with one goal in mind: to survive. If you like action games and you’re looking for an addictive and unique adventure, this option will keep you hooked for hours looking for an escape as you put all sorts of skills to the test.

To control your character, all you have to do is touch the screen and slide your finger to where you want to go. Along the way, you’ll comes across all kinds of enemies trying attack you with deadly weapons, so you’ll have to avoid the blows and shots and take them down however you can. The only way to complete your mission and advance is by taking down every enemy; sharpen your aim and let your instincts guide you to reach the helicopter that will rescue you from each level.

As you advance in Sky Trail, things will get more complicated and you’ll have to defeat several enemies at the same time, break doors, smash walls, climb or ascend through narrow spaces. One false move can lead to your demise, so move carefully and avoid the traps in each setting if you don’t want to die trying.

Enjoy action-packed settings and put your skills to the test in this incredible adventure where aim, precision, strategy and concentration will be essential to reach the helicopter and flee the crime scene before someone kills you. Download Sky Trail and enjoy an outstanding and addictive action game.


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