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Skullgirls is an awesome 2D fighting game that finally reached Android after going through a bunch of different platforms (including PlayStation, Xbox 360 and PC). The game is perfectly adapted to touchscreen smartphones, substituting the classic attack and movement control sticks with taps and screen gestures.

To block your opponents’ attacks, just click on both sides of the screen and to perform your more classic attacks use the right side only. If you want to create an air combo, for example, slide two fingers upwards to start and tap on your screen repeatedly. It’s all intuitive and perfectly explained in the detailed tutorial the game offers.

To start off, there are three characters available to you (which is the exact number you need to carry out each combat). But, keep in mind that as you keep playing and winning the battles you’ll also win new characters. You can even unlock new special moves for the characters already in your roster.

Skullgirls is a pretty amazing port of the original game for consoles because it keeps the incredible visuals (basically identical to the rest of the versions) and it perfectly adapts the complex combo system. This is an excellent 2D fighting game that also includes several gaming modes. This new version lets you import the info of the LINE version that’s also available in Uptodown.



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