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Skater Kid is a 2D skateboarding game where players have to reach the end of a ton of levels by doing jumps and all kinds of somersaults. Your goal, like usual, is to get the highest score possible.

In Skater Kid, players can enjoy more than one hundred different levels. In each of them, there are tons of springs and railings to grind on, although you also have to dodge a range of obstacles that can make your player fall off their skateboard if you aren’t careful.

The controls in Skater Kid are very simple and are perfectly adapted to touchscreen devices. You can control your player’s speed with your left thumb, making them accelerate, while with your right thumb you can jump, double jumping if you press again while you’re in the air.

In addition to the 100+ levels in Skater Kid, the game also has a survival mode where you can keep playing until you fall off. Your goal in this game mode is to last as long as you can.

Skater Kid is a fun skateboarding game that will have you hooked, thanks to its simple controls and wide variety of levels. What’s more, you can also unlock loads of additional characters as you play.


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