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SiDiary-Diabetes Management is a tool whose objective is to help diabetics quickly and easily track all the data about your own treatment.

This version of the app is for Androids and has several advantages in respect to the version for computers for obvious reasons. Thanks to this app, you can you can take this self-control diary anywhere. In addition, thanks to the optimization of this app for tactile screens, it is possible to open your data by barely touching the screen.

Within this app, you will find a lot of relevant stats and graphics, trend analysis (how has the progress of your therapy been going over the last few days, weeks, and months?), and quickly data syncing tool for SiDiary Online, from which it is possible to print all your information.

SiDiary-Diabetes Management is a very useful app for any diabetic since it will be a lot easier to track your treatment, which isn’t easy as you know.

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