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Sidehead is an action and adventure game that transports you to the city of Mumbai to take part in intense armed conflict. Using numerous weapons or your character’s own fists, you’ll have the chance to fight against other players and prove that no one can overshadow you.

The combats take place from a third-person perspective and are displayed using 3D graphics. Each round of Sidehead is developed to effectively fill the screen of your smartphone with excitement at the same time that it tests your precision to hit your rivals.

It’s worth mentioning that the missions you have to complete in Sidehead are all limited by a countdown timer. The game doesn’t give you much margin to take down all the enemies that cross your path in order to stay alive. To help you win, you’ll be able to use recognizable assault rifles that will allow you to shoot effectively when you’re cornered.

To manage your soldier’s moves, you’ll have controls that are perfectly adapted to touchscreens. All you have to do is use the virtual joystick to move in any direction around the setting while you tap the action buttons to shoot, jump or throw other elements from your arsenal. During these one-minute battles, anything is possible, so you’ll have to agree on a good strategy with your teammates in order to win.

Sidehead offers an exciting gameplay that will completely immerse you in this city in India to experience thrilling battles between soldiers. As you walk through each of the settings, you’ll come across tons of enemies that you’ll have to take down if you want to continue progressing in the middle of this street war.



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