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Shooty Quest is an arcade game where you dive into 8-bit scenarios set in medieval times. You play as a brave knight armed with a bow, ready to shoot arrows at all the enemies in sight.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see all the arrows you put together with the materials you collect. Not only can you shoot basic arrows, but you can also light them on fire to inflict additional damage.

In Shooty Quest, there’s a map that you can use to access different areas of ​​this universe. With simple controls, you’ll have a blast as you shoot arrows at the monsters that appear on different levels, all with the aim of ridding evil from this medieval land.

Shooty Quest is a super fun game with a retro aesthetic where you try to land shots by shooting arrows. Think fast and combine moves to destroy all the monsters within sight, then continue your exploration of this fairly extensive map.

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