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Shell Shockers is a 3D battle royale where players from all over the world can go up against each other in quick games (lasting around five minutes) where only one person can be the winner. For this, as usual in the genre, you can use a huge weapons arsenal with pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, etc. The particularly of this game is that you play an egg.

The controls in Shell Shockers are very simple. The direction controls and the grenade launch button are on the left of the screen, and the button to jump is on the right. You have to move around the setting carefully and agilely enough to keep out of the way of snipers and other players’ attacks while at the same time looking for other eggs on your way. Additionally, as for the controls, it is interesting to note that the shooting is automatic. All you have to worry about is aiming at the enemy egg.

Shell Shockers is an eggcellent battle royale that manages to perfectly translate the genre to touchscreen devices, giving a fun epic experience. What’s more, the game also has good graphics and loads of skins you can unlock as you level up.


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