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Selera Nusantara is a very fun cooking game where you have to travel around Indonesia, discovering new recipes and serving thousands of customers who come to enjoy your cooking.

In this gastronomic adventure, you have to help Siska become a professional chef: you will start the story in a little street job, preparing simple dishes like fried rice and noodles. Your main goal is to earn enough money to upgrade your kitchen and be able to serve more customers with more elaborate recipes. Remember that the better your dishes are, the better your rewards will be.

You will need to make sure you follow an order in the kitchen to be able to prepare your dishes correctly, otherwise you won’t be able to serve the order to each customer. So, each recipe you offer is prepared in a certain order: try and follow the steps so you can feed as many guests as possible. The bonus bar at the bottom of the screen will give you greater rewards if you keep it high.

Your customers will gradually lose their patience, and if you don’t want them to leave, you have to serve them quickly. Only satisfied customers will leave you good tips, so work quickly to get your kitchen off the ground, or your customers will leave. Over time, you can upgrade your tools and the ingredients you prepare your dishes with, meaning that you can also increase the price of your recipes and reduce their preparation time.

Enjoy a trip around Indonesia where you can discover the most delicious recipes, and show off your cooking skills to your customers. Open new restaurants far and wide while you enjoy the most delicious recipes.


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