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Sdorica -sunset- is a role game set inside a fantasy world where you get to control a group of heroes whose objective is to save the world from a millenary dragon. To do so, you have to go with them on a long story full of intrigue.

The combat system in Sdorica -sunset- is pretty simple. On the upper part of the screen you can view your characters and their enemies, while on the lower part you’ll have different colored gems that you can use to unleash attacks. Each color is associated with a character, so depending on which ones you tap on, you can carry out an attack with one of the characters.

The story mode in Sdorica -sunset- guides you through a series of levels where you’ll have to fight as well as talk to a ton of different characters. Throughout the story, you can meet dozens of really interesting characters and a lot of them are essential to the development the plot. Also, you can add more than 30 different heroes to your lines.

Sdorica -sunset- is an awesome role game in every aspect. It includes some of the most amazing visuals you can find for Android, as well as an outstanding soundtrack. But just in case that’s not enough, the game has a super fun and unique combat system.



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