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Scribble Rider is a racing game that’s different from anything you’ve ever played before. In this game, not only do you try to cross the finish line in first place, but you also have to draw the wheels for your car, creating the best shape according to the surface you’re driving on. Basically, your wheels will have to roll, float, and even fly if you want to make it to the end.

Your adventure begins when you draw the first set of wheels, after which your character starts driving, steering left and right without your help.

But that’s not all. Not only do you have to draw the best wheel for each environment, but you also have to compete against another driver, racing to see who can cross the finish line first. To draw the wheels, all you have to do is drag your finger over the lower area of the screen. When you’re done, they’ll be applied to your character’s car immediately. To change them, just draw another shape, and the new wheels will appear just as quickly.

Scribble Rider is a wildly entertaining game filled with challenging situations that will keep you hooked, wanting to play better than last time every time you try.


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