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Scrabble GO is an official adaptation of the world’s most famous word games: Scrabble! In this version of the classic game, you can compete against your Facebook friends as well as other scrabble players from all of the world!

Scrabble GO as has asynchronous gameplay, which means you can play many different games simultaneously. In other words, both players don’t need to be online at the same time to play the game. Instead, after your turn is over, you simply send your move to your opponent and wait for him or her to respond. Depending on your opponent, games can let from a couple minutes to hours, days, or even weeks!

This version of the game comes loaded with features that create a more fast-paced and fun game experience. For example, if you’re unsure if the word you want to use is a real word or not, simply place the letters on the board to check. Not only that, but you can sometimes even use wild cards!

But that’s not all, in this version of the classic game, you can advance through levels, and unlock skins for the letters and game board as you create great words and win games. Overall, Scrabble Go is a fantastic way to enjoy one of the world’s best word games.


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