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Save The Girl is a game chock full of puzzles that challenge you to help a girl escape each level. To do so, use your logic skills and the different objects available to you. Otherwise, your main character will continue to be in danger in all kinds of different situations.

The gameplay of Save The Girl is really simple which is exactly what makes each level so dynamic. In each one of the puzzles, you’ll encounter a situation where you have to help a girl. You’re then offered possible objects that can help you open doors, undo knots and ties, or generate different reactions.

During the first levels, you won’t have any many problems helping your lovely protagonist escape. However, as the game progresses, you definitely have to use all your ingenuity and choose the right object to help her escape from danger.

Save The Girl tests your intellect with a bunch of levels where your only goal is to save the girl. Use the objects at hand and make logical decisions to solve each puzzle.

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