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Save the Fish is an entertaining 3D puzzle game in which your mission is to get water to flow to the fish while keeping lava away from it.

Save the Fish has simple gameplay: each level has a system of twisty pipes that connect with each other. Near the top of the screen are one or more tanks filled with water or lava, just waiting for you to open the valve so the right fluid can flow to the fish. That being said, saving the fish will be no easy task: sometimes the pipes from both tanks join, mixing the water and lava. Of course, water neutralizes lava, so you’ll not only have to get the water to the fish but also use it strategically to neutralize the lava if there’s no way to keep it out of the fish tank.

As well as saving the fish, you’ll also have to use the lava to destroy bosses in some levels. As you try to beat bosses, make sure to keep the lava away from the fish.

Overall, Save the Fish is an interesting game with a simple, but also entertaining and innovative premise. Check it out and have a great time figuring out how to beat each level.

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