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Sandwich Runner is a casual game where your job is to make loads of sandwiches while gathering ingredients along your way. To do this, you have to move the bread from side to side to create delicious multi-layered sandwiches.

The visuals in Sandwich Runner are typical of this kind of game. Everything is in 3D, and this means that you can easily see all the ingredients. There will be times when you come across chilis or other condiments that you’ll have to add with caution to avoid making the sandwich too spicy.

At the end of each run, after the finish line, a huge character will appear and open their mouth to gobble up each sandwich. Once it’s been each, all you have to do is wait and find out if your dinner guest liked the taste.

Sandwich Runner will test your ability to make sandwiches from the best ingredients you gather. The character who appears at the end of each challenge is ravenous, and so you need to create different sandwiches that perfectly mix each flavor.

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