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Safari Hunting 4×4 is an action and adventures game in an open world set in the middle of the Savanah. Here, you can go around finding loads of animals while you drive a 4×4 that will help you move around the map.

The visuals in Safari Hunting 4×4 present each scene in 3D, letting you find a lot more easily all the animals you can hunt. Once you get out of the car, you can use a rifle to aim at zebras, lions and other species. The shooting system is very easy, and you just need to tap the circle button to press the trigger. There is also a scope that lets you zoom in.

When driving your vehicle, just tap on the arrows to move across the scene. By tapping the gas and brake pedals, you can control your speed so the animals don’t sense your presence.

Safari Hunting 4×4 has a vast open-world that you can drive around to hunt loads of animals. Depending on which species you manage to take down, you will get more or fewer points, with which you will try to beat your record.

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