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If you’re looking for an action-packed shooter with heart-racing scenes and cinematic moves, Run & Gun is for you! In this frenetic adventure, you kill all the enemies you encounter as you perform epic jumps and cartwheels. Sharpen your aim and transform into a killing machine on this fun adventure.

Run & Gun’s controls are super simple, so you can enjoy the game without drowning in complicated controls. Your character automatically runs forward while jumping, sliding, and turning in the air, but it’s up to you to shoot down all the enemies you see. Tap on your enemies and try to land a solid shot, because if you don’t, it might take a few hits before you finish them off.

With these controls, your agility and aim will be put to the test. Sometimes, you have to kill multiple opponents at once, and other times, you have to blow them up by shooting at a flammable container. Whatever the case, Run & Gun has hundreds of scenarios where you earn money by picking off your enemies. When you save enough money, you can buy better and more destructive weapons that will make the game easier and more fun.

In Run & Gun, you don’t stop until you hit the ground, so stay alert if you want to succeed in this game where anything can happen. Fight in epic matches against impossible bosses and prove how far your agility and aim can take you.

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