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Run Forrest Run is the official Forrest Gump game, which has arrived to Android devices to mark the 20th anniversary of the film’s release. In the game, as its name indicates, you will help Forrest run nonstop, just exactly like he did in the movie.

Gameplay on Run Forrest Run is very similar to that of other games such as Temple Run or Subway Surfers. You’ll have to move Forrest from left to right as he runs nonstop, dodging obstacles such as cars, fences, buses and potholes. Plus, as is expected in these games, you can jump and slide on the ground.

During the races, you can use different power-ups and special objects such as cannons that launch you through the air, helmets that protect you from getting hit, and delta wings that let you fly for brief periods of time.

With all the coins and chocolates you collect throughout the game you can buy new helmets and suits for Forrest Gump to wear. Thus, although you’ll start with his classic outfit (the one from the movie poster), there are also many others.

Run Forrest Run is a traditional endless runner that includes all the elements typical of the genre. And, perhaps for the first time in the history of video games with important licenses, it’s also a conceptually coherent game, which is fantastic.


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