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Rope Slash is a simple game in which your only job is to slice ropes in the right place. And that’s it! All of this game’s over three hundred levels have one single goal: slice the ropes to unleash bouncy balls and knock over all the cans.

Rope Slash has simple gameplay that’s perfect for touchscreen devices. Simply swipe the screen to cut the ropes, similar to the classic game Cut the Rope. Not only that, but this game has realistic physics and the balls move naturally, which you should keep in mind as you slice the ropes.

The first few level of Rope Slash just have one or two ropes to cut. That being said, as you advance through the game you’ll have to deal with bombs, balloons, and magnets that will make you think twice before slicing the rope. Anything goes as long as you knock over all the cans.

Overall, Rope Slash is an entertaining puzzle game that borrows gameplay from Cut the Rope to create a simple but addictive game. On top of all that, you can unlock new balls as you play.



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