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Rope Hero is an action game in which you can control a peculiar superhero who, judging by his appearance, looks like a combination of Spiderman and Deadpool. The best thing about it is that you can move it with absolute freedom throughout a 3D city that’s full of buildings, vehicles, and enemies.

This singular superhero has many fun abilities; he can throw ropes and swing between buildings, and climb any vertical surface. This way you can go into the terrace of any building in the city.

Other abilities let you perform different attacks, and use several fire weapons. Besides, you can drive cars and bikes through the city, although the physics are not that great.

On each mission in Rope Hero you have to do certain actions, but you can basically do whatever crosses your mind. Besides, you can level up by defeating enemies, and improve your character’s abilities.

Rope Hero is an action game in 3D; it doesn’t have amazing graphics or a great storyline, but the freedom it gives you makes it really fun.

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