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Rodeo Stampede is a game where your main objective is to ride wild animals in the middle of a stampede. Doesn’t sound too easy, does it? Well, you’re right, it’s not. Especially because each of the animals in the game has its own personality and behaviors that you’ll need to learn in order to tame them all.

System controls in Rodeo Stampede are fairly intuitive and perfectly adapted to touch screens. You’ll need to hold down your finger to ride an animal, so if you stop pushing on your screen, your character will fly off your steed and tumble forward. If you tap right on top of another animal, while riding, you’ll straddle it and begin to ride. Be careful, though because these animals are wild and they won’t let you stay on for too long.

The first time you ride an animal you’ll be able to tame it if you’ve spent enough time riding it. When you manage to tame your animal, you get to take a picture with them and take them home to your zoo in the clouds. At this zoo, you’ll also get to use the coins that you win as you play and make progress through the game.

Rodeo Stampede is an excellent game with original gameplay and charming graphics. You’ll get to enjoy riding elephants, zebras, ostriches, buffalos, giraffes, and many other animals. You’ll also get to build a beautiful habitat in your very own flying zoo.



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