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Rocket Royale is a Fortnite-inspired battle royale, with a twist. This time, there’s two ways to win the game: kill all the other players, or build a rocket and escape the island!

Rocket Royale’s control system is very similar to the above-mentioned Fortnite. Switch between a your lethal weapon and a hammer by tapping a button on the screen. Use the hammer to destroy buildings and mine meteorites to get materials for your rocket ship, and, more importantly, to build ramps, floors, and walls.

Building a rocket ship and escaping the island is one way to win Rocket Royale, but it’s not the only way. You can also use the more than twenty weapons hidden all over the island to destroy every other player. Use long-range rifles, shotguns, pistols, and more. And, just like Fortnite, the weapon’s color shows its rarity.

Rocket Royale is an excellent royal battle that manages to bring some unique gameplay to this popular genre. Overall, it’s a really fun and original game, with great graphics. So, will you choose to build a rocket… or end your enemies?



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