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Road Glider is a fun game of skill where you have to get onto a hang glider and glide as far as you can, doing everything in your power to glide further than any opponent. In this fun adventure, you will have to learn to take advantage of landscape around you, test your skill and reflexes and make the most of your flight speed.

The controls in Road Glider couldn’t be easier: tap on the screen to lift off and tap to stay in the air until your speed drops. If you want to make sure you reach a great height, you will have to pick up momentum again and use the little pieces of land underneath you. Sometimes, you will be able to use ramps that will give you more power, or small steps that will stop you in your tracks. Make sure you calculate your fall to land where you want and avoid unnecessary problems.

Once you’ve reached the end, it will be time to launch yourself into the rewards hunt. Your mission will be to stop the launch bar in the middle, right in the green color, so the momentum is bigger. Once you’re flying, you will fall on a rewards wheel that will multiply your winnings by the number you get, so aim well, cross your fingers and hope that you fall in the best place possible.

On your journey, you will find many ways of shooting down your opponents. Some options will be fun surprises that you have to discover. Enjoy going hundreds of meters in races where the first one doesn’t always win and get the furthest distance possible Road Glider, where the most skilled will win the game.

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