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Rising Super Chef 2 is the sequel to the delightful kitchen game where you’re in charge of a food truck that travels throughout an entire city. Learn what the customers in each area like and expect, and become a prestigious chef in this fun adventure.

You start the game on the outskirts of the city, where you serve grilled sausages to your customers. As you advance, you get closer to the center of the city, where the demands become greater and you have to make more elaborate food. For this, you need to get the necessary tools and be able to cook with different ingredients. Also, new recipes will appear and you need to prepare them with no help at all.

Each one of your customers has a wait bar. The lower it is, the less patience the customer has and the less he/she will give you in tips. It’s important to serve your customers as quickly as possible so they don’t leave unsatisfied. On the other hand, if you overcook the food, you’ll burn it and have to throw it away, losing money.

Improve all your kitchen tools and travel around the city with your restaurant on wheels to make everyone happy. Have fun cooking up all different foods and become the best chef in the world in Rising Super Chef 2.



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