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Rise of the Kings is a strategy game where you can build and develop your own kingdom, recruit an army, and conquer all neighboring territories to expand your empire. You can build dozens of different projects – libraries, stables, barracks, farms, mines, and more. Each has a specific function that lets you advance and achieve much greater objectives.

Thanks to the barracks and the stables you can recruit soldiers, which are essential for keeping your army in good shape and facing other players. In these spectacular mass battles you’ve got to take your place on the front line to lead and inspire your men and, with a bit of luck, bring glory and treasure to your kingdom. Besides facing other armies, as tends to occur with games like this, you can visit the general map, with its endless dangers for you to encounter.

Rise of the Kings is a real-time strategy game that may not offer anything new but does offer something good. This is a polished game with excellent graphics and a great soundtrack, and one of those gameplays that’s perfect for playing in short sessions.


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