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Rhythm Hive is a challenging musical game that will put your sense of rhythm to test, no matter how musically talented you think you are. You’ll get to play some of the best songs from popular Korean music groups as you try to tap on the different objects in the level at exactly the right time. You’ll need to keep up with the rhythm at all times in order to get the highest combo score possible.

The gameplay in Rhythm Hive is identical to any other title from the genre. Once you’ve selected the song you want, you’ll hear it start to play as objects start falling from the top of the screen. Your mission is to tap on these objects in time to the music before they disappear from the screen. The further you get in the song, the faster these objects will move. Plus, they’ll start taking on new shapes that you’ll need to interact with in different ways.

Although Rhythm Hive may not exactly offer a groundbreaking gameplay, the fact that it offers fans an extensive collection of K-Pop music makes it stand far above other more generic musical games.


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