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Reverse Video Master is, as its name suggests, an app with which you can apply loop or reverse video effects easily and automatically.

It is very easy for anyone to use Reverse Video Master, regardless of their previous experience editing videos. The process is highly intuitive. Once you open the app, there will be two options. On one side, you can access the editor to reverse the video, and on the other side, you can create a loop. Best of all, you can make these changes with videos that you record from your Android at that moment or choose any of the ones saved on your device.

So, once you’ve chosen the video fragment that you want to reverse or loop in Reverse Video Master, all you have to do is wait a few seconds to get the result automatically, without needing to do any complicated procedure. Finally, you can save it to your device.

Reverse Video Master is a good video editing app, thanks to which you can get striking loop or reverse effects effortlessly.


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