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Rescue the Lover is a fun action game where you have to find and save your partner who was abducted right in front of you in the middle of the street. This addictive adventure will take you through a large number of scenarios where choosing the right option is essential for a successful rescue.

In this story, your main mission is to decide which option is the safest and most trustworthy. A short story will explain to you what’s happening at the start of each level and, once the animation finishes, you will have to decide between two options to be able to progress. If you choose correctly, the story continues, but if you’re wrong, you will have to restart from the beginning of the level. Each stage has various decisions you need to make, so if you get it wrong anywhere along the way, you will have to start again from the beginning.

This simple game will have you hooked for hours, playing its fun levels where nothing is as it seems. Sometimes, what appears to be the most reliable answer could be a mistake. So, analyze the possibilities and think about what each option could mean. Enjoy imagining the different paths before picking them, and watch the consequences of your actions unfold.

The game doesn’t end when you save your partner; you’ll get a brilliant idea that could get you into an even bigger mess. Download Rescue the Lover and discover what new stories await while you try to stay safe and keep your partner out of harm’s way. What kind of decisions will you have to make? Find out during this fun adventure.


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