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Redecor – Home Design Game is a casual decoration game where you’re in charge of decorating various rooms. Unlike other decorating games where you pick out furniture and other objects, your task here is to choose the colors and textures for each object in the room in question. Once you’ve finished designing the room, save it and then wait for other players to evaluate your work. You can evaluate their work, too, which adds an interesting twist to this game.

Choosing the designs for objects in Redecor – Home Design Game couldn’t be easier. First, take a look at the room, which has already been decorated with all-white objects. Above each object, you’ll see a bubble showing the options for different colors and materials. Tap on the bubble to see the full range of options for colors, textures, and materials depending on the object you’ve selected. You can also test out anything you want. Once you’ve decided, tap on the ‘buy’ button to finalize your choice. Once you’ve customized all the objects in the room, you can tap the ‘done’ button to submit the final result for a public evaluation.

In the meantime, you can earn money to spend on future designs by evaluating other users’ decoration choices in the same room. To do so, you’ll be presented with two options, and all you have to do is tap the one you like better. Then you can see if it won. Once you’ve voted a few times, you’ll get the money.

Redecor – Home Design Game is the perfect game for anyone with an interest in interior design. Although the real fun of the game is decorating rooms, it’s fun to vote on other designs, too. Best of all, you can get some fresh ideas for decorating your own home.


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