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Rec Room is an online video game that shares some features with similar titles, like Roblox or Reworld. In this case, we’ll get to create our own games and interactive experiences within an outstanding virtual environment. Naturally, we’ll have the possibility to check other players’ creations and enjoy some of its minigames, many of them inspired by some of the most popular titles.

The first thing we’ll need to do when running Rec Room for the first time is to customize our avatar. We’ll have dozens of items at our disposal to give our character a unique look: from outfits, that vary from suits to sport t-shirts, to accessories, like glasses or wristbands. And, of course, we will also be able to customize their skin color, eyes, haircut, facial hair, and other physical features.

Once our avatar is ready, it’ll be time to start playing Rec Room. From our character’s watch, we can access some of the most popular games at each time. We’ll find very entertaining versions of the most casual games in trend, as well as different types of platform and action games. We’ll also have the chance to access chat rooms, where we can meet other players and use our Android device’s microphone to talk to them.

One of Rec Room’s most interesting aspects is the control system that we can use with our avatar, as it really seems to be designed with an eye on VR. We’ll be able to control the hands’ movement and show any kind of gesture whenever we want. We can also pick up and throw virtually any object we might find in the scenes and interact with them.

Rec Room is an excellent game with endless possibilities, both for players who look to simply entertain themselves and for those wanting to unleash their imagination and create new content for others. And the icing on the cake: its excellent visuals and the overwhelming variety of customization elements, thanks to which we will be able to express ourselves without limits.


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