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Reborn Adventure is an action and adventure game where you enter a post-apocalyptic world to experience thrilling challenges. In short, throughout the game’s plot, you must help an explorer called Hope to uncover multiple mysteries. But she won’t be alone. You also have the invaluable help of a group of companions that will help you set off certain actions.

Reborn Adventure has 2D graphics that tell you the story graphic novel-style. By tapping on the different elements that appear on the screen, you can move around the entire scene to try and get the most out of all the available objects. What’s more, there will be many times where you will have to rely on your inventory to use certain items that help you to figure out hidden aspects.

As you work your way through the challenges, you will find out a little more about the evil Doctor Frank. This being is creating some Machiavellian plans to try and stop Hope and her friends from discovering the secret hidden at the end of the story. This is why it is essential to gather all the evidence you can if you want to successfully escape from each trap.

Reborn Adventure has all the necessary attributes to keep you hooked on a story that gets more and more interesting. Simply tap on the elements in the scenes to discover minigames, puzzles and other challenges that you must overcome with Hope and the rest of the characters.


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