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Rebirth Online is a 3D MMORPG set in a world of fantasy filled to the brim with monsters and magic. It stands out from the crowd mainly thanks to two factors: its real-time game system (without an auto-mode) and the option to play with PC players thanks to its ‘crossplay’ system between platforms.

Control systems in Rebirth Online is perfectly adapted to touchscreens. The virtual stick located to the left of your screen allows you to move your character, while the buttons on the left provide you with attack skills to launch when needed. There is no automatic combat, so you’ll need to pick up the required skills to optimize your attack abilities. Towards the lower left part of your screen you’ll find a set of buttons designed to control the camera angle while playing.

First things first, when you begin playing Rebirth Online, you’ll need to set up your character. Select one of four basic classes with two female heroines and two male characters to choose from. Little by little, you’ll get to customize each player further as you level them up. Not only do you get to unlock new skills and abilities, you’ll also get to give each of your fighters a specific esthetic with different armor and skins to switch up and collect.

Rebirth Online is an excellent MMORPG that comes with spectacular graphics and dynamic, fun combat. Plus, thanks to its ‘crossplay’ system, you get to hang out with your Android buddies and PC friends without any problems. You can even go as far as exporting your character and switching between operating systems.


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