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Rail Maze 2 is the second installment in the Rail Maze saga where you have to solve new puzzles and other challenges where your aim is always the same: to get the train from one point to another without crashing into anything or derailing off poorly placed tracks.

With more than a dozen integrated levels and an unlimited number in the online version, Rail Raze 2 combines all the best bits of the first game with a few extra improvements to keep you even more hooked on these super fun brain teasers. In these new levels, you have to create the tracks from scratch, combining architectural elements to avoid complications in snow-covered terrain, changing signals for the conductors, and managing the direction the trains move in.

This version of the game includes an additional game mode to create your own levels and share them with other players, who can put the complex puzzles you’ve created to the test. You can also try to solve the puzzles other users have created.

Enjoy an endless game with Rail Maze 2 and test your logical capacity, getting the trains from one side to the other on train tracks that take up the entire screen.


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