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Raid Heroes: Total War is a fun turn-based strategy video game where players can control a tiny army, moving around a fantasy land in search of enemies and new challenges.

The battle system in Raid Heroes: Total War is typical of the genre: when in battle, you’ll have to strategically place your army on your side of the screen. Then, both sides will begin fighting and, depending on which tactics you decided to use and the level of your heroes, you’ll either win or be defeated. If you manage to defeat the enemy, you can continue making your way through the map in search of new heroes and more adventures.

Between battles, Raid Heroes: Total War players can customize their squads by using their best judgement to choose between different troops. So, you can gradually level up your heroes in different areas (damage, resistance, etc.), and determine which heroes you want to fight in the next battle, etc.

Raid Heroes: Total War is a good turn-based strategy game that will delight Heroes of Might and Magic fans, and the battle system is very similar. The game also has lovely graphics and great production values. Download the APK if you fancy a bit of turn-based strategy in a hero, fairy and goblin-filled fantasy world.


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