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Racing Go is a driving game where you get behind the wheel of various cars with the intention of completing missions and other fast-paced challenges. As you add new vehicles to your garage, you can start adding improvements to make your cars the fastest of the bunch.

Racing Go has 3D graphics that exceed expectations. Both the cars and the scenarios are highly detailed, which adds more realism to the game, fully immersing you in the action. In the beginning, you have to complete various missions such as escaping from the police or going through certain controls. After you complete these challenges, you can participate in online races and try to complete more difficult challenges.

Racing Go has an intuitive driving system based on tapping buttons on the screen. Basically, all you have to do is tap the arrows to move the car from side to side, and tap the acceleration and braking pedals to adjust your speed. There’s also a nitro button you can use for a little extra boost, helping you get ahead of your opponents in a pinch.

In each of the game modes available on Racing Go, there are plenty of challenges to complete and cars to drive. Prove that you’re king of the road by completing each mission with skill.


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