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qvacall is a tool, thanks to which you can more easily access and carry out the more frequent operations that you use on your device, such as topping up or checking your balance, among many others.

The best thing about qvacall is that it provides quick access to any function you want. In a matter of seconds, you can block unwanted numbers or keep your data private, like notes, cards, or your device top-ups. However, it is not just limited to this, as its true advantage is that you can turn on these actions without going to your phone’s private areas, but by just tapping on the buttons that you will see on your home screen.

The way to use qvacall is to install the app on your phone and accept the necessary permissions to make calls from within the app, read or text your contacts, allow access to the physical memory and camera, or even allow apps to draw over others. The possibilities really are infinite.

Ultimately, you just have to open qvacall to be able to run all the actions you want. This is an intuitive solution that will simplify and guarantee fast access to the functions that you frequently use on your smartphone.


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