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Quran Majeed is the definitive app for all Muslims, as it includes tons of features related to this faith, ranging from a prayer schedule to the Quran itself, as well as a compass that always points to Mecca.

One of the most useful tools included in this app is its prayer clock, which notifies you of the exact time for each of the six daily prayers. This feature, when coupled with the aforementioned compass, practically guarantees that you’ll never miss a prayer. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that in order to use some of the app’s more advanced features, you’ll need to grant location permissions.

Quran Majeed also includes a version of the Quran that you can read whenever you want. It comes with an audio version, too, so you can listen to the text in several different languages. With this app, you can read, bookmark, or listen to any passage you want, plus much more. In short, it’s an excellent way to read or listen to the Quran whenever and wherever you want.

Additional features are included in the Duas section. From here, you can access all kinds of prayers and information for specific days and situations, such as going to the bathroom and finishing a meal.

Quran Majeed is the perfect app for followers of Islam with tons of tools that you can take advantage of once it’s installed on your Android.

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