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QuizzLand is a trivia game in pure Trivial Pursuit style.

This game has three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. Before you start you can pick the one that’s best adapted to your level of knowledge. In the various rounds you’ll find questions from different fields: science, technology, history, art, film and TV, etc. All these categories are easy to recognize by the icons that represent them.

Every question has four options and only one is correct. The best thing about this game is that after answer the question you can read a small explanation of the right answer. This means you can learn facts about science, history, or Hollywood.

As you get questions right and advance in the game you’ll get a good score. This lets you move ahead in the numerous levels and get extra resources. If you like games where you learn in each round and can enjoy with friends or family, QuizzLand is a brilliant option.


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