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Queen Bee! is an entertaining game where your mission is to make fashion shows that are more competitive than normal. Depending on the items around you that you manage to get, you can win (or not) the heart of the guy you like.

Once you open Queen Bee!, you will be taken straight to where the action will take place and, when you’re ready, just tap on the screen, and the girl will automatically start walking. Pay attention and avoid walking over dangerous or inconvenient items. A lot of the time, they will be things like unhealthy food or even unfashionable items of clothing.

In Queen Bee!, other classmates will gradually appear and try to get the best items before you do. So, be quick and get them before anyone else. To do this, you just have to swipe the screen to move your character. Keep doing this until you reach the end, where you’ll find the guy you want to kiss (if you’ve managed to get his attention).

Have fun in Queen Bee! as you dress up your character with the best trendy outfits to make her the most popular girl in school and get the guy she likes.


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