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A major security lapse has affected over 900 million Android devices around the world due to a set of vulnerabilities that left Quadcomm chips uncovered and packaged into a humungous amount of brands worldwide.

Until the manufacturers themselves find a solution to this error, you could pick up all kinds of malware that slips right through this software security breach from dubious sources, where attackers could even go as far as to take complete control over your smartphone.

This tool analyzes your device and checks if you’ve been affected by this vulnerability. However, don’t forget that this is not an anti-virus or a patch that’ll actually solve the problem. It’s just an app that will tell you if you’ve been affected by the issue or not.

After finishing the scan you’ll get a brief report that tells you if you’re affected by one of the four vulnerabilities and it’ll also provide you with a link with more detailed information on this problem.

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