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Quad9 Connect is an essential app for anyone who wants to browse the web more securely using their Android. Quad9 Connect overrides the local DNS settings and uses its own network instead, putting a network of proprietory, high-quality servers at the disposal of its users. Of course, Quad9 Connect doesn’t collect, distribute, or sell private data, and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Quad9 Connect couldn’t be easier to use: just run the app, grant the requested permissions, and tap on the Play button. After that, the app will run all its features automatically. The number of queries that have been analyzed are shown at the bottom of the screen in real-time, and are divided into categories: successful, blocked, and failed. To restart the counter, just tap on Reset Statistics.

Once you’re done browsing and want to use your own connection, or simply no longer need Quad9 Connect’s services, just tap on the Pause button.

Quad9 Connect, combined with any VPN, will provide unbeatable protection for your device.


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