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qids is an app aimed primarily at parents or guardians of small children. The objective of the app is to create a safe community where parents, family, and friends of children can communicate and make plans to watch them, pick them up, take them places, etc.

It’s important to note that in order to use the app, you need to sign up with a real telephone number. Also, in order to add contacts to your user network, you also need their telephone number, since the app works via WhatsApp.

Once you activate your account, you can create as many groups as you want. For example, you can have a group for coworkers or family, but you can also make groups specifically for an event or birthday party. Within each group, you can write comments, post photos, comment on photos, and basically, interact with the other users.

qids is a very interesting app for parents. It creates a secure space to communicate with everyone involved in the important task of taking care of your children.

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