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Puzzlerama is a collection of puzzle games that lets you enjoy the best of the genre for Android. You can find versions of Flow, Tangram, Pipes, Blocks, Shikaku, Unroll, Unblock, and Bridges. In all, you’ll find more than 4,000 different levels – all within one single app.

Each one of the puzzle games in Puzzlerama comes with with its own tutorial, although the majority of them are old acquaintances for most players. In Flow, you have to connect colored dots with continuous lines of the same color, in Tangram, you have to form geometric shapes using all the pieces provided, etc.

Puzzlerama is an outstanding collection of puzzle games that can keep you entertained for hours and hours. It’s an absolutely essential app for any fans of the genre, since it lets you enjoy well-known puzzle games and, who knows .. maybe you’ll even discover a few new ones.


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