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Puzzle Crown is a very entertaining puzzle-solving game that is sure to please fans of this genre. Whether you’re looking to relax or want a real challenge, Puzzle Crown is the game for you.

In this app for Android smartphones, you’ll find hundreds of different puzzles with all kinds of themes ranging from buildings to stations. Puzzle Crown is relaxing and addictive, in part because it lets you select the level of difficulty to adjust the challenge to your skills. The more difficult the puzzle, the more coins you’ll earn, which you can use to unlock others.

The difficulty selector is very interesting. For starters, it lets you increase the number of pieces, but you can also change the shape of them. This selector appears every time you start a new puzzle, which is great, since you probably won’t want a challenge every time you play. Like this, you can adjust the difficulty to your mood.

Puzzle Crown is a game designed to give you the best experience possible. Even if you’ve selected the highest difficulty and get stuck, for example, Puzzle Crown places the puzzle’s image in the background so you can place the pieces on top of it. This way, no challenge is ever so hard that it becomes frustrating, which means you can always enjoy the game.

Download the Puzzle Crown APK, then kick back and relax.

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