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Who hasn’t spent a fun Friday night in with friends playing trivia games? Psych! is a fine alternative to your average table top games for your next game night. In fact, you might just ruffle a few feathers with this twisted Q&A game that’s designed deliberately to bewilder your opponents.

In fact, in Psych! you’re going to have to come up with your own answers to questions that appear on screen throughout each level — just like any other trivia game, right? Nope. Actually, you’ll need to guess which answer your opponent chose. This requires that you analyze your friends and get into their heads to figure out which answer they might have guessed.

Several different playing modes are available in Psych! and adding new friends into the game is as easy as sending them a code to log on. Pick a game mode that everyone will like, options include: movie questions (where you have to come up with four different plot lines for a movie and vote for the best one). Plus there are a few other options including one where you pick one of four endings for poems that your opponent might have chosen.

If you’re looking for a fun time for your next game night, or if you just enjoy getting into your friends’ heads — Psych! might just be the game for you.


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