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PROJECT:DRIFT 2.0 is a driving game where you can do amazing drifts behind the wheel of different cars. By viewing the layout of each circuit, you have to make the most of each car’s acceleration to take the bends and make amazing moves.

PROJECT:DRIFT 2.0’s visuals are very attractive, and you can find perfectly designed cars and environments. To control your vehicle, you have arrows to change direction and acceleration and brake pedals to increase or decrease speed. What’s more, there is also a handbrake button that will help you increase your chances of doing an incredible drift.

PROJECT:DRIFT 2.0 has various game modes where you can even face other opponents in beautiful races. You can also get new cars and parts for the vehicles you store in your garage with the rewards you obtain. So you will have numerous mechanical features you can try out new moves with that will help you amass a higher number of points on the scoreboard.

PROJECT:DRIFT 2.0 has different cars and good graphics that bring emotion to each game you play. By pulling the handbrake and hitting the curves, you can have fun while you carry out risky and stylish drifts. Only by doing this can you beat all the records, giving you the chance to get the best vehicles.


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