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Prison Royale is an incredibly fun battle royale where you have to escape from prison with enough gold to make it rich. If you like these types of games and you’re looking for an addictive and updated option, Prison Royale will have you hooked for hours as you make your way through an enormous and complicated prison where each room holds a ton of surprises.

To move your character around, you have to use the joystick found in the lower left part of the screen, sliding it where you want to move to inspect each room of the prison. Throughout your adventure, you’ll find weapons on the ground that you have to pick up to defend yourself against the guards and other prisoners who are also escaping. Place your character on top of the weapon and wait for the circle to fill up in order to pick it up; you have to wait in order to pick up anything off the floor.

In this dangerous mission, your goal is to escape from the prison with 500 gold coins and make it safely to the getaway helicopter found in the middle of the prison. Collecting all the coins won’t be easy though, since each hallway and room may or may not be guarded by one or multiple agents. In this exhilarating adventure, you’ll have to make your way through dozens of empty -or packed- hallways. You need to be careful and stealthy in order to make it through the most rooms and get as many coins as possible.

You can collect gold from the bodies of other users who you kill or from the shiny objects found in each room. In some rooms, you can see common elements that shine; if you shoot at them, they’ll break apart and give you gold that will add to your total number of coins. In order to make your escape, you need at least 500, so you’ll either want to kill everyone in sight or make your way through all the rooms without getting caught in order to collect all the coins you see. It’s up to you. Enjoy playing this thrilling adventure and prove to the world that you’re the most dangerous prisoner in Prison Royale.

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