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Prehistoric Park is a fun casual game where you build an amusement park for the citizens of a prehistoric world. Your job is to keep customers entertained while you expand your park and increase your income.

You start the game with a relatively small plot of land where you can build attractions. In the first few levels, you won’t have many construction options, because you’ll only have a few customers. At that point, you can add a seesaw and a slide; that’s it. Little by little, however, you can add bigger and better attractions, including water fountains, benches, bathrooms, and even a cafeteria.

As you continue to build, level up and unlock more attractions to keep your customers coming back for more. You also have to make sure that no fights break out and that everyone can find what they’re looking for by following the paths you lay out. At the same time, you can expand your plot of land to fit more attractions and bring in more visitors in the process.

Prehistoric Park is a fun game with an original and entertaining premise, plus addictive gameplay that’s perfect for touch screens. Even better, it has absolutely great graphics.


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