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Prankster 3D is a casual game that’s related to the popular game Scary Teacher. Your mission here is to make life impossible for this evil teacher. Throughout tons of fun levels, you’ll try to select the best option from the ones given so that the student beats the teacher in every round.

In Prankster 3D you’ll find 3D graphics that immerse you in the universe of this horror game. On this occasion, the action develops from a third-person point of view. Throughout each challenge, you have to select different options for the boy to carry out different actions. The goal of these pranks are to get on the professor’s nerves.

In order for each plan to go well, you have to choose the right option. You’ll do this successfully by carefully observing the environment and analyzing the objects present. However, you can always go back and repeat certain levels if you don’t manage to succeed on the first try.

Prankster 3D brings you an attractive style that lets you carry out each plan with great realism. It won’t be easy to get the teacher to fall into your traps every time. She’s a formidable enemy, so you’ll have to try your hardest to pick the very best option in every situation.


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