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Power Painter is a fun arcade strategy game where you merge paint cans with the same numerical value to create towers that shoot at paintballs for you.

Gameplay in Power Painter takes place on a board with four circular corners and a merging table in the center. Paintballs appear at one end of the board, passing through each corner on their way around the entire board. There’s also a table in the center where you can merge paint cans with the same number. So two paint cans with a value of 1 will create one paint can with a value of 2. Two cans with a value of 2 will create one with a value of 3, and so on. After you get a value of 3, you can start building towers to place on each corner, where they will automatically shoot at the paintballs. Meanwhile, keep combining cans to improve the towers and defeat the final bosses on each round.

Power Painter is a simple and fun game. It combines the concept of merging that’s so popular lately with a classic tower defense strategy game. Without a doubt, this is a great way to have a little fun.

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