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POP! Slots – Free Vegas Casino Slot Machine Games is a casino game that gives you the chance to enjoy dozens of slot machines on your Android device, wherever and whenever you want. This app gives you access to some of the most exclusive and best casinos in the gambling capital of the world.

In this game you can enter as a guest or sign in through Facebook to access your account from any device. Once you’ve gained access, you can choose between five different types of slot machines to play on: MGM GRAND MEGASTARS, Emerald, Frontier Fortune, Around the World in 80 plays and Race to OZ. All of them work the same way: select the amount you want to bet on each spin and slide the lever down to get it going.

In each casino you can find dozens of active users wandering around the rooms looking for machines to sit at. If you wait a little while for a user to leave without a prize, you’ll see a sign indicating that the machine is hot and that you have more possibilities of winning a prize if you play on it.

At the top of the screen, you’ll see how many coins you have available. If you play them wisely, you’ll become a millionaire -virtually speaking, of course- in this fun casino game. Download this game and try your luck on dozens of virtual slot machines.


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